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Chad Lewis

C. Lewis

Name: Chad Lewis

Age: Smack in the middle of a mid-life crisis nuff said

Location: USA, State of Maine

SHOX projects:

Writer: Devils Child and When Ages Collide

Editor (of sorts): Spirit Dancer

Works in Progress: Spirits and the Beast

Major comic book influences:

Chris Claremont, John Byrne, Frank Miller, Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore, Ron Marz, Peter David and Terry Moore.

Authors whose stories I have recently or am currently reading:

Neil Gaiman, Stephen King (Hey, Im from Maine), Jim Butcher and Caitlin Kiernan. In truth I am more of a bargain hunter and enjoy discovering new authors by digging through the discount bins.

Interests outside of comics:

Besides spending as much time as I can with my wife and daughter I have taken up the sport of triathlons and fully intend on making it a life-long commitment.


Questions I ask myself when deciding on whom to partner with in this industry, in this order, are 1. Do they have a genuine passion for comics 2. Are they truly committed and driven? and 3. Do they have talent? To say Michael, Gary and Lisa have all three going for them would be a gross understatement. These guys (and girl) continue to amaze me and I am extremely lucky to call them my partners.

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Copyright Notices

Devil's Child Copyright � 2004 Chad Lewis
Book of Nemus Copyright � 2007 Gary Welsh, Michael M. White
Orion Xia: The Chronicles Copyright � 2005 Michael M. White
When Ages Collide Copyright � 2008 Chad Lewis


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