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Michael White

Michael 1 Michael M. White
Video & Filmmaker

20 > Age < 50

Toronto, Canada

I guess I'm an oddity here (in more ways than
I don't devour comics nor did they consume my every waking hour when I was a kid. But - I love a well-crafted image & seeing those images once glimpsed in the "mind's eye", come to life on the page or screen.
Art is breath, it gives life.
Art has the power to capture and transport the soul.

I'm surrounded by very talented folks and Shox would not have such a bright
future if it weren't for Chad, Gary & Lisa. Thanks guys.

This is not a current picture, but it was taken on a very, very good day.

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Devil's Child Copyright � 2004 Chad Lewis
Book of Nemus Copyright � 2007 Gary Welsh, Michael M. White
Orion Xia: The Chronicles Copyright � 2005 Michael M. White
When Ages Collide Copyright � 2008 Chad Lewis


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