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Stephen Kachafanas
Born into poverty, Stephen Kachafanas took his talents, assassination and murder, and made a name for himself as the best money can buy. He then used his notoriety and built the premier assassination organization in the world. It's a business Stephen typi ... more
Nicholas Kachafanas
Nicholas is Stephen Kachafanas' only child. Where he did inherit his father's talents for killing, he lacks one element to be a great leader: Confidence. Nicholas has always compared himself to his father and always found himself falling short. Th ... more
Cleo Kachafanas
Nicholas' daughter, has looks, intelligence, and talent which has not gone unnoticed by her grandfather. Under his supervision, Cleo has been groomed since as far back as she can remember to take over the business her grandfather created. It's the ... more
Anthony Xidos
Anthony Xidos has always thought of himself as the son Stephen Kachafanas wanted Nicholas to be. Anthony has tried to play this angle to make himself "indispensable" in Stephen's business. While his talents have proved to be a valuable asset to Ste ... more
Eva Kachafanas
Eva Kachafanas married Nicholas when they were both very young. Eva had been a young child living on the streets whom Stephen Kachafanas' wife took pity on. Under protest by Stephen, Eva came into the Kachafanas home and quickly fell in love with Nich ... more
Licas (last name unknown)
Licas is a man of few words whose origins only Stephen knows. He serves as both Stephen's bodyguard and most trusted confidant. A few have been foolish enough to challenge Licas or have made attempts on Stephen's life. They are no longer among the ... more

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