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Lisa JenningsLisa Jennings
Age: 26

Location: Darlington, Country Durham, North East UK

I was born in 1980 on 27th december. Yes I kept my poor mother in hospital on boxing day. I was born in the South East of the UK, eldest of six.

Since I can remember I have alway been drawing, colouring and writing. I focused on Art in school and college. I studied to A level in college, and this was when I was first introduced to Photoshop and digital work in graphic design.

Although soon afterwards I left home and worked full time for the next 5 years, before I took my art seriously, and took the leap to pursue a career in Art. I am self taught in Photoshop, developing new methods of colouring and art.

Since I was a kid I loved Graphic Novels. I was always in the library reading them or at home. I always loved the journey they took you on. I tried coloring comics nearly two years ago now and found how much I loved it, giving the story an extra element. I have been hooked coloring comics ever since, and here I am!

I now live in County Durham, in the North East of England, with my Fiancé Jim, and our 4 cats, 3 fish and 2 rats....yes I know a menagerie!

C. Lewis

Name: Chad Lewis

Age: Smack in the middle of a mid-life crisis nuff said

Location: USA, State of Maine

SHOX projects:

Writer: Devils Child and When Ages Collide

Editor (of sorts): Spirit Dancer

Works in Progress: Spirits and the Beast

Major comic book influences:

Chris Claremont, John Byrne, Frank Miller, Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore, Ron Marz, Peter David and Terry Moore.

Authors whose stories I have recently or am currently reading:

Neil Gaiman, Stephen King (Hey, Im from Maine), Jim Butcher and Caitlin Kiernan. In truth I am more of a bargain hunter and enjoy discovering new authors by digging through the discount bins.

Interests outside of comics:

Besides spending as much time as I can with my wife and daughter I have taken up the sport of triathlons and fully intend on making it a life-long commitment.


Questions I ask myself when deciding on whom to partner with in this industry, in this order, are 1. Do they have a genuine passion for comics 2. Are they truly committed and driven? and 3. Do they have talent? To say Michael, Gary and Lisa have all three going for them would be a gross understatement. These guys (and girl) continue to amaze me and I am extremely lucky to call them my partners.

Gary Welsh Gary Welsh,

Born 1982 just outside
Glasgow, Scotland.

I remember the feeling I had when I reached the last page of my first comic and realised I was left with a cliffhanger.

I HAD to get the next issue.

Fortunately for me it was a 14 part story, so by the time I got to the end of it I was well and truly sucked into comicbookdom.

I guess it wasn't long after that, that I turned to drawing my own comics. I was inspired. Something about the superhero genre had grabbed me and slapped me in the face a few times.

In these books we are shown the extremes, the best and worst a person can be. Someone putting everything on the line for something they believe is right. Standing up when everyone else backs down.

University and work came along and my comics were relocated to the attic.

For 5 years I dabbled in other things. But there was always that nagging feeling I was missing something.

I sometimes marvel at the way things can fall into place when you least expect it. Stuck in a dead end job, I picked up my pen and started doodling on my pad. That was it. A joy I'd forgotten years before was back.

Things have been progressing naturally from then and I am very proud to be working with the talented individuals at Shox Studios.”

Michael 1 Michael M. White
Video & Filmmaker

20 > Age < 50

Toronto, Canada

I guess I'm an oddity here (in more ways than
I don't devour comics nor did they consume my every waking hour when I was a kid. But - I love a well-crafted image & seeing those images once glimpsed in the "mind's eye", come to life on the page or screen.
Art is breath, it gives life.
Art has the power to capture and transport the soul.

I'm surrounded by very talented folks and Shox would not have such a bright
future if it weren't for Chad, Gary & Lisa. Thanks guys.

This is not a current picture, but it was taken on a very, very good day.

Copyright Notices

Devil's Child Copyright � 2004 Chad Lewis
Book of Nemus Copyright � 2007 Gary Welsh, Michael M. White
Orion Xia: The Chronicles Copyright � 2005 Michael M. White
When Ages Collide Copyright � 2008 Chad Lewis


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