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I didn't do too much shading on this one since the backgrounds are prectically doubled and require a bit more detail.

 Seriously though, I know we're expected to smile, be coureous, and figuratively powder the customers' bottoms, but do they really think the employees are happy? I'm willing to bet that on any given day a CSR has the silent urge to send certain customers to the fiery gates.

In fact, this kind of thing happened to me when I was working in the same store. I was working by myself in the deli, trying to simultaneously finish making sandwiches, pull out the fried chicken, get the rotisserie chickens packaged and put out, and wait on 2 customers. Out of nowhere, I hear a knocking. It was the store manager rapping his knuckles on the empty sample tray. BECAUSE APPARENTLY THAT IS THE HIGHEST OF ALL PRIORITIES. And then he walked off. >:E

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