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Born and raised in northern Indiana, I've set my life's path to that of a cartoonist and animator. I don't seem to be your typical female youth: I don't spend gobs of money on shopping, I'm a passive feminist (feminism: what the conservative church calls, "the Jezebel spirit"), and a southpaw to boot. I've also managed to find my soulmate on the second try. :D

I've loved cartoons since before I was old enough to toddle over to the VCR and pop in a tape of Woody Woodpecker. During my teen years, I used drawing as a way to deal with depression and for a lack of an emotional outlet. Unfortunately, the "art" from that span of time consists mostly of crudely drawn fanart, so you'll be hard-pressed to see anything of my work predating 2003. The fresh-into-adulthood years were spent going through and graduating from ITT Technical Institute, visiting my sweetheart in Connecticut, and trying to figure out what I was going to do in life. Around that time was also when I first discovered Flash. I started doing little animations and was promptly hooked. After graduation, I kinda had a falling out with myself. I knew I wanted to do something with my degree, but there were NO jobs in Indiana for 2-year multimedia grads (and there STILL isn't). So I got a job working at a grocery store deli where my back went out (sciatica), pretty much went insane and quit after 6 months. I've only had a short stint in part-time work since then, and it's been very difficult for me to get back into the proper mindset for the working world.

So now I've decided to start up a webcomic to see if I can keep an update schedule and produce new stuff for people to see each week. My current goal is to keep this up for a full year, but the longtime goal is to get it going enough to warrant a book or two... or six, and to help out the local businesses by having them make my merch. :3

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