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Sin Camper ||   

Sincamper has been creating comic strips since the 70's for himself, for college papers and someday for syndication. His comics often pinpoint the precise difference between the way people view themselves and the way they are viewed by others. His low-tech bitmapped line drawings emphasize economy, clarity, and strike home with subtle truths of human nature with an appropriate hint of the absurd. Recently, Sincamper created and drew over 800 episodes of his online comic strip "My Evangelist" which disected the inner workings of the controversial cultish Christian Churches formerly known as the "International Churches of Christ", having spent years as a member, holding a shameless microscope to every facet of their methodology. His new comic strip, "Jesus@home" is a lighthearted inoffensive romp poking fun at a couch-potatoed, married, domesticated, Saviour who occasionally rediscovers hints of former glory, while bantering with his wife and cast of visitors. Care is being taken to keep the strip enjoyable to Christians and Non-Christians alike.
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