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Ad Astra-A Beginning

I'm so happy to finally be at the point of doing the actual Ad Astra series. The history lesson will soon be available for download as a package, now with a full color cover, as "Ad Astra: History of the World". I'm also putting together some sketch pages as a bonus feature.

Lately, I've been reading a lot of online comics and enjoying some. Others, not so much. I was concerned that someone else might be doing what I'm doing, but so far, this does not seem to be the case. In the world of print comics, of course, there are similar series, but I am confident that I can make my comic different from the average super-hero series.

I hope to avoid many of the cliches that have plagued comics in recent years. I will never reboot the series! I will keep the universe-shattering events to a minimum (I can't even think of a story where I'd want to do something on that scale) and I hope I can write interesting, consistent characters. This is probably the biggest challenge for me, since my writing is not my greatest strength, but I am determined to try.

I hope you're enjoying Ad Astra. The first story page of this arc goes up on Monday.

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