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Okay, there was a problem with the WCN host and now it's (mostly) fixed. It looks like we lost the latest strip and I'll repost it as soon as I get home. Better than having to repost all of April's stips, whew! I promise there's super stuff coming, but I happen to enjoy a bit of character development. I was recently browsing the Grand Comic Database at and, as I sometimes do, I searched my name. LO! and BEHOLD! there I am! I've been updating my credits and some others who worked on Constellation Graphics, way back in the dim, dark days before the web united us all into one digital nation! There's also my credit for a pin-up in GoGirl #5, though it lists it as #1. Have to remember to correct that, too. Well, that's about it. Sorry for the interruption, events outside my control and all that. Hope somebody reads these things... Joe
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