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Ajax- Nick Childress
Nick is a jack of many trades, as well as being bulletproof and strong enough to topple a main battle droid. ... more
Starwind- Celia "Cece" Vasquez
Celia has just discovered that she has a power no one else has. At home, she was a virtual cripple, in space, she's unstoppable. ... more
Galaxia- Ardath Antares
Ardath is the most powerful Antares in two generations. In her, the full heritage of the star clans is evident. And with all that baggage, she just wants to go to school and be a superhero. ... more
Fox- Ulysses Fox
A native of Wilder, Fox is gifted with animal-quick reflexes and senses. His strength and endurance are higher than human norm, as is his agility. ... more
Collapsar- Rega Woldonsik ei Arensa No Itaka Ree Bana
Goes by Prince Rega or just Rega, has the power to manipulate gravity. ... more
Angelfire- Synree Uo Aspurix
From the planet Seereest, Synree is gifted with winged flight and the ability to manipulate fire. ... more
Iota- Indic In Ee
A native of Kwynnon, Indic comes from a long line of Kwynnon heroes. Indic has the power to shrink himself to microscopic size. ... more
Magix- Princess Majia Jurica
Princess Majia Jurica of Thule is one of the Thulean Magi, the magical rulers of Thule. ... more
Paladin-Artus Pel Jurica
The youngest child of the Magus Maximus of Thule, Artus is being trained as a paladin and wears the armor of a Knight of the Silver Star. ... more
Reflex- Eric Stevens of Luanei
Eric has the power to generate natural force fields. ... more
Rhya ni Ragnar
A native of Noeris, Rhya is gifted with psionic powers. ... more
Mega- Paul Ambrose Chandler
Mega is one of three survivors from a parallel Earth which was destroyed. ... more
Corona is the son of Wildstar and Virago. ... more
Supporting Cast: Wunderkind- Victor Jason Chandler

Ad Astra and all related characters are Copyright 2007-2010 Joe L. Singleton. All rights reserved.

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Ad Astra is made using Google Sketchup!

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Ad Astra and all related characters Copyright © 2007-2010 Joe L. Singleton. All rights reserved. Do not bend, fold, spindle or mutilate. Please place all refuse in trash receptacles provided. Whatever they offer you, don't feed the plants.

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