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I've been drawing for a long time and writing for a short time. I've come up with some pretty good (if I say so myself) characters and my ongoing is my first showcase. I've enjoyed Heroblog and will continue to write it, but I've always wanted to do my own comic and now I have the idea and the opportunity.

I also write a monthly column for the Collector Times Online called Artistic License. In my column, I usually spend my time redesigning comic characters in desperate need of a costume update. On ocassion, I have showcased my own creations and that's where my next project will debut in my column.

Ad Astra is the culmination of all my reading, writing and creating. It's the comic I have always wanted to do, but never had the opportunity. There will be comparisons, I hope favorably, with the Legion of Super-Heroes. I make no attempt to deny that Ad Astra is my take on the Legion concept, but I hope that I have something original to add to the basic idea of a team of young supers in the future.

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Ad Astra is made using Google Sketchup!

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