Updates are starting again! I apologize for the rather long hiatus. With todays update I aim to update this comic at least once a week, and possibly more if things go well. As you can tell through this weeks comic, I've even made it a new years resolution to update both this site and my Deviantart gallery at least weekly. (Which... is highly likely to blow up in my face due to this resolution... bugger.)


As for the comic, I'm still being experimental as I've done previously. I'm gonna focus less on visuals and style, and put more focus on productivity and maintaining updates. This strip I managed to do much faster than previous strips, due to sticking to one colour scheme and generally not fussing as much as I would do normally. As I get used to working fast things will get much cleaner and more visually appealing. Untill then, I hope everyone will still enjoy the strip.


Happy New Year everyone! ^.^ 

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