Hey guys! Sorry about the lack of updates the last few weeks, been reorganizing the house and most the computer has been disconnected as we 'try' to get everything in place. Even now everything isn't together and I'm working on the floor with my computer screen on a chair (how backwards, heh). Hopefully I'll get hold of the correct cables during the next week or so and I can finally have my work station fully set up.


This update brings this short story to a close. I've actually learned, or as I should say, realized what I already knew through practical experiance, a few things about webcomics that I shall take into consideration with future strips. If you've been confused on what's going on in these strips over the last couple of weeks, they've been based on an old phrase, "A watched Kettle never boils". The idea was that whenever you sit around waiting for a kettle to boil, it takes hours, but when you walk away to do something else, it boils instantly. This has been a Sod's Law that I've found to be very true.

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