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Kitty Litter

Sometimes I forget that I draw comics. I'll be going about my day, doing chores, working, playing video games... and then BAM! Something clicks in my little brain and I remember I have an episode of Kitty Litter to draw. Yes my output has kinda stunk lately but I'd rather be proud of every episode than put out crap. And until the robot version of me arrives that can work at my crappy job for me, sporadic updates will have to do. But wait, we kind of have a double dose of Sophie this week. My song of the week is Kung Fu Robot vs. Sophie the Cat. It's a song that predates Kitty Litter but I recorded it just a few months ago. Check it out, download it, give it to friends, make it a hit. Hopefully episodes will get less sporadic in the weeks to come. Later, Ryan H.

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Ryan Holgersen has been drawing small press comics for over 7 years. His titles include: Wemic n Ted, Slackmatic, Chronicles of Today and Kitty Litter. ... full profile