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Kitty Litter

Remember how I said I wanted to get this done before Feb. yeah...I don't think that's gonna happen. Not even at the amazing rate of one page a month. Maybe next Feb. we'll see the end to this epic. Anyway, despite the lack of Kitty Litter I have been very busy with creative stuff. I've got lots of new songs up at my music site on newgrounds. I also set up a Deviant Art page, you can check that out here. I've got several pictures up which you can purchase as prints. Not much else to say, next episode we'll pop back up to the surface to see what's happening there. Later, Ryan H.

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Ryan Holgersen has been drawing small press comics for over 7 years. His titles include: Wemic n Ted, Slackmatic, Chronicles of Today and Kitty Litter. ... full profile