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Kitty Litter

Well you heard the zombie chipmunk, we suck. This is the third consecutive day we've missed an update. So I came to a conclusion today...Kitty Litter is changing its update schedule to every other day. It wasn't just missing three days which made me decide this which, had more to do with the holidays than anything else, but just a lack of time on my part. Is this a bad thing? Well doing this means 4 to 5 less strips a month, which I think is reasonable. How is this good? This will allow me to work more on Kitty Litter related side stuff like new books, t shirts and other goodies. Also I want the strip to be as good as humanly possible and I felt the tight schedule was hurting the story, this will give me more time to make sure every episode is top notch. Not to mention this will give me a little more time to relax and such time has been in short supply lately. So our next episod will be tomorrow and the new schedule will start from then on. Sorry for the long post I just wanted to explain everything. Thanks Ryan H.

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Ryan Holgersen has been drawing small press comics for over 7 years. His titles include: Wemic n Ted, Slackmatic, Chronicles of Today and Kitty Litter. ... full profile