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Kitty Litter

Here's a big episode for my lack of an update on Friday. It's still in black, white and grey but it was either that or miss another day. I'll get my crap together at some point folks. In other news I'm gonna need some guest strips. I know this is short notice but I'll need them by this weekend. This is really short notice so if I don't get any it's my fault. But the SPACE convention is sneaking up on me and I'm gonna need guest strips to get prepared for it. The only stipulations are that they're 700 pixels wide. Other than that go nuts. You can email them to me at Thanks Ryan H.

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Ryan Holgersen has been drawing small press comics for over 7 years. His titles include: Wemic n Ted, Slackmatic, Chronicles of Today and Kitty Litter. ... full profile