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Judge Dred Basset

Central Character Dead

Before we start I should let you know that I don't really hate Fred Basset.

Hate is much too strong a word, all too often used these days to express dislike of everything from pop songs to electrical gadgets. Hatred should be reserved for all that is genuinely awful in our world, such as war, pestilence and pain.

And besides, Fred Basset is so excruciatingly bland that hating it would be akin to hating kitchen chairs.

This one was way too easy

Cartoon dog molestation is funnier than Fred Bassett

Thesaurus + Fred Bassett + MS  Paint = a funnier, more intelligent strip

Homophobia is funnier than Fred Bassett

Cereal commercials are funnier than Fred Bassett

Stating the bleeding obvious is funnier than Fred Bassett

Boring Bloody Bastard Bassett Boredom in Binary

The punchline is number 4

Sarcasm, the lowest form of wit, is funnier than Fred Basset

Big Head mode on

It's amazing, no matter what I do, however crude, offensive or low brow it may be, it always turns out funnier than the original strip.

The first in a series of beastiality gags, which are all funnier than the original strip

This one will be put on a T-shirt and sold as merchandise

Sprite comics are funnier than Fred Basset

Here is some more cartoon violence for our genuinely violent world

Online translation service + Fred Basset + MS paint = a funnier, more intellegent strip

I sometimes wonder if I have a little too much free time

Bloody big head mode on

A good example of less sometimes being more

Mild racism is funnier than a Fred Bassett strip

Note: I am not a  racist - I hate all humans in equal measure.

 Fred Bassett + Dictionary + MS Paint = a better, more intelligent strip

Cunt hammers are said to be three times stonger than even the most powerful bastard sword.


Copy + Paste + IMDB = a funnier, more intelligent comic strip

Vicar Killer, Sequel to Priest Killer VI

Toddler style vandalism is funnier than Fred Basset

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Modern Day Re-imaging of the Fred Basset Franchise - a Cartoon Strip You've Likely Never Heard of

All Original artwork by Alex Graham/Michael Martin

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