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Judge Dred Basset

Central Character Dead

Created one Thursday morning during a particularly violent drought of creativity. Still...

Created later that day, by which time the creativity drought had reached near critical levels.

     A typical case of amphetamine psychosis.

Wearisome Basset Based Violence

Smut, the second lowest form of wit, is funnier than Fred Basset

Making Fred Basset Less funny makes it funnier than the original strip

Boredom apocalypse 2010. Starring Terry Wogan and Fiona Bruce

Seriously, if I read one more bone related strip, I think I will be forced to remove the bone in my body that currently holds my brain in place.

Link for a far superior Fred Basset parody

The third in a series of bestiality gags

I expect this is what fred was originally going to say, that is until Alex chickened out.

Entrapment within a deteriorating mortal framem, that's what you'll get too if you're force fed eternal life tablets for 50+ years.

Based on a true story

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Modern Day Re-imaging of the Fred Basset Franchise - a Cartoon Strip You've Likely Never Heard of

All Original artwork by Alex Graham/Michael Martin

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