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Judge Dred Basset

Central Character Dead

I may very well be on holiday, but I don't see why that should put a stop to my popular Basset hound attack strategies series.

Notice the void between the blue in the background and the white of Fred. Puncture this area with a sharp object and the blue will instantly flood into his system, flushing out all his vital organs in the process.

Off Hiatus

I expect it's been nice for you all to see me tread new ground lately with these shit jokes, they compliment the beastality strips quite well, I think.

Seth Macfarlane made a Jew joke, ha ha ha, edgy

Alternative endings to yesterday's pathetic installment

Feeble, predictable rape jokes are funnier than Fred Basset

I've tried my best to avoid doing this, but alas, I could no longer resist.

Of course I refer to my altering of the word "walk" in the original strip, to "wank" in the remixed strip.

Oh-so-Random Wacky kerrazy humor is funnier than Fred Basset

A little more barrel scraping Basset detritus bollocks

Fred has no truck for disabled people, he often tells me how he would like them all killed

... And only 30 calories

 "ASDA are against animal testing and fund research into alternatives"  - Grrr Such hypocrisy! I have a good mind to go upstairs and smash my ASDA bath shelves into dust, along with the numerous ASDA branded toiletries that line it.

...But what were there crimes?

Here the role of Fred was played by one of his sick-in-the-head furry fans

She needs to up her dosage of good luck pills

Swearing never gets old

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Modern Day Re-imaging of the Fred Basset Franchise - a Cartoon Strip You've Likely Never Heard of

All Original artwork by Alex Graham/Michael Martin

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