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Judge Dred Basset

Central Character Dead

Dred's first replacement is Sylvia, a lab-terrier cross,26, from Essex.

Dred's second replacement is ZyZaxxion, a lovable sphere of pure and endless hatred.

With an evil beyond an infinity of imaginations it's unlikely he'll have much in the way of character development.

You know things are getting desperate on the new ideas front when you start dredging up ancient, near decade old internet memes

Funnily enough if God ever did punish Fred it would be in vegeance for the pathetic portal reference he shoe-horned into yesterday's installment.

The first in a series of an unfunny running joke

Somewhat childish

I felt a curious pang of guilt once I'd finished burning and stamping on this installment - so I decided to repair it, with MS paint.

This sort of shit may very well be damaging Fred's internal organs.

I'm going to include the word Cunt in the next 10 strips, for no reason in particular - other than the fact that I can, and I will.

A low quality effort

Cunt Strip 7

10 cunts in a row challenge complete

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Modern Day Re-imaging of the Fred Basset Franchise - a Cartoon Strip You've Likely Never Heard of

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