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Judge Dred Basset

Central Character Dead

Here I compile the very worst installments of Fred Basset

None of these have been altered in any way whatsoever

What follows is a quote from myself in response to the installment featured above:


The offical Fred Basset theme tune please listen to it while reading the following


Can you spot the edit made here by Fred Basset's US publisher.

Are any of my non-existant American readers able to confirm the existance of these USO steak nights?

What exactly does the acronym stand for?

Universal Service Obligation (steak night)?

Unidentified Submerged Object (steak night)?

Universal Service Organisation (steak night)?

"Hmmmm, where did I put my clenched fist? OH - there it is, in my computer screen thing"

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Modern Day Re-imaging of the Fred Basset Franchise - a Cartoon Strip You've Likely Never Heard of

All Original artwork by Alex Graham/Michael Martin

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