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Judge Dred Basset

Central Character Dead

Coke addicts, on the other hand, stand out like a sore thumb

Insipid, with a capital I in bold lettering

Fred's become weirdly obsessed with hills lately. His favourite question is "I wonder what that hill is called?" followed closely by "How tall is that hill?"

For ease of future reference all new Judge Dred Basset strips will be catergorized into 5 distinct groups



C.Hidden Obscenity


E. Other

There have been no examples of category E so far

Type D example

I wasn't quite sure where I could go with this one: having made several head stabbing installments in the past I felt another would be pushing it. It's not like Fred has a shortage of other body parts just itching to be stabbed.

Type C example

An omega pun

Webcomics nation is dead - I can't upload anything new

Typical Fred Basset! - Slandering those brave men who fought and died for us.

It's not what you think, Fred is in actual fact rather fond of the queen. He would however be quite happy to personally kill all her potential successors.

Fred is indeed man's best friend. His hatred of women is, however, limitless (note: this includes women bearing a very strong male resemblance).

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Modern Day Re-imaging of the Fred Basset Franchise - a Cartoon Strip You've Likely Never Heard of

All Original artwork by Alex Graham/Michael Martin

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