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Hummn..wonder what this could be alluding to..(in case you need it spelt out - spideys STILL at the DC school..)

Btw added some new buyttons to the top of the site - the ipod things going nowhere fast - io just dont have the time to format the strips and my 30 day expiration date keeps on cancelling on me. I'm trying to get my Dad to volunteer to do it but if anyone else wants to - let me know :)

I've put up buttons that basically link to my sketch cards on ebay as well as soon to be original strips. I plan on setting up a system where the strips are available to buy through the site for the first i dont know..2 weeks? at ..i dont know..20$? Then after that period they get put up on ebay ..i have to figur eout how to do all that though. Also the links wont probably work till i figur eout how to get it all going and for some reason i lost my d-man donation button too..

M. Parkinson (snufflymonkey) says: Ok the  buttons up the top are working! I'm an internet genius!!(maybe) - of course theres nothing up on ebay at the moment ..oops. :) If anyone has any ideas on how i should structure the strip selling please let me know - i like the idea Brian suggested of having a strip available to buy at the site for a limited period after it first runs - then if you want it you have to take your chances on ebay..
M. Parkinson (snufflymonkey) says: I should ALSO say - thanks for the comments over the last few days -0 i feel i waste my time a bit if no-one says anything (although i know i probably wouldnt leave a comment) so its nice to know people are reading! Thanks :)
L Tang (sentaiwarrior) says: Like the sly nod to the lack of continuity and/or editors not doing their job these days!
Meteoro M (meteoro) says: If commenting is what it takes for your to keep on doing this strip, then I'm here for life!  :)  I just love this strip!  And Spidey moving into the DC school is just genius :).  By the way, I'm checking now on that other strip.  I guess there must be something new posted already.
Mike S (venomous) says: SWEET!...VENOM!!!
Kevin Cushing (internalaffairs) says: Now the question is...how to make Venom cute? - Kevin
Carla Hewitt (snapjudgments) says: ... is this is the Year One Spider-Man 3 movie tie in? =)
Jens Altmann (jensaltmann) says:

I admit I'm a slacker that way. I read Year One religiously every morning before starting work. Along with Nemi, my favorite (almost-)daily chuckle.

Keep up the good work. 

M. Parkinson (snufflymonkey) says:

No worries guys - i sure wouldnt comment (and dont) at all the sites i love - but i should! (i try to send an email every now and again to some of my favourite sites to let them know how much i love what they're doing) so its good. :)


No strip today - ive actually been very sick the last month on and off and have had asthma quite bad over the last week in particular. Still - it shouldnt mess up the schedule too much and i should have strips uploaded for thursday and Friday.

And Carla - yes - its the obligatory Venom cash--i..er..storyline.

M. Parkinson (snufflymonkey) says: btw the 'teh' in the last panel was a deliberate typo. For once.
Meteoro M (meteoro) says: I hope you get better.  And yup, ever since I finished reading the entire run of Year One, I've been reading it every morning before starting work.  It kinda injects me with a fun sense of life :).
A Dugdale (dugdale24) says:

For some reason i thought most of the typos in year one were deliberate. Just to give the characters a more child like manner. Oh well, i suck.

Hope you feel better soon. Really enjoying the strip both here and at RagingBullets. (I don't read much DC but its still very accessible)

Neil Adams (rilynil) says: Get to feeling better, Mike! :) I love that Lil Luke Cage has popped up.
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are staffed by a young team of Chinese and Western staff Vacuum Storage Bag . Our professional staff will contact you as soon as possible to provide you with the best quality service through the mail and the telephone.Wholesale Briefcase We can provide customers around the world with many well-produced goods and good service,Wholesale Toys because of many years of
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Personalization/Engraving Services
Some items, such as Crystal Award and Metal Coaster and Metal Money Clip and Metal Luggage Tag and Metal Keychain etc, crystal material or metal material products. Camera Tripod require a plate to be added for engraving. Wholesale Clothing These plates can added as your request.Bean Bag

Debossing services are offered on leather items. Such as Leather Wallet and Leather Mouse Pad and Conference Folder and Leather Name Card Holder etc, Debossing is a method that depresses yor company name or logo down into the surface of a leather item. Eye Mask Wholesale EarphoneThis method displays your company logo through the leather goods without color, Water Guncommonly known as "blind debossing". Wholesale MatWe use this method to ensure quality of your goods. Over time, Wholesale Keyboardcolor that is added to leather will fade or flake away.

Screen/Silk Screen PrintingWholesale Jacket
Screen or silkcreen printing is popular for our non-textile products. Poncho RaincoatThis screening can be either single or multicolored. such as Pen and and USB Flash Drive and Tape Measure and Mug and Water Bottle and  Umbrella and Inflatable etc, plastic material, leather material, metal material, Wholesale Knifesilicone material, rubber material, Wholesale Candletextile material are available.

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At Corporate Snobs we pride ourselves in offering some of the best choices of customization in the industry.Wholesale Calculator
Our embroidery options are available for most of our monogrammed Tote Bag  and  Apron and Cap  and Embroidery Coaster and Towel etc textile products.

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