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First of all theres a new dc strip up at ragingbullets.com - clever and scathing it is not and its probably a lot funnier to me than other people (most people :)) but i like it so go and check it out. And hey, while you're there download the podcast - these guys do a damn good show!

Secondly - I just wante dto add that i'm not particularly a fan of the big teeth tongue venom - so i'll have to do a strip about that somewhere down the line. I got into spidey around #300 so i was right on board with all the Venom stuff - Larsen just went over the top with it and its gone insane from there.

I've been working on some We've Got Issues strips as well which id like to put up at some time - possibly change the title though - but we'll see..

I'm also going to be uplaoding the strips over at the cbr.com forums. About August last year it looked like i was going to be a member of the cbr family but it looks now as if its not going to happen - im still not sure - but anyway, in the emantime i'll be posting the strips in the Marvel Universe board as well.

 Thanks for reading and commenting.



Edit: also its weird - when i put these togethe ron the laptop they look different to how they end up on the PC after uploading. See the torchs hands in panel 4 - how you cant make out any detail? you can see the fingers and everything on the laptop but once i transfer it over i lose the linework - it gets a lot darker or something..hmm.

Gary Edwards (dingo) says: Wolverine or Punisher should be along momentarily to exact revenge for this marketing centric strip.
Meteoro M (meteoro) says: Oooohhh plugging the movie, that's so cool :).  And they should take you, Mike, in the CBR, if they don't then it's definitely their loss.  Anyway, Venom does babble a lot, that's what kinda hit me from the funny books, lol.
Daniel Gayton (rman021) says:

You can't have Venom without the eating of the brains. ^_^

A Dugdale (dugdale24) says:

The ragingbullets strip is indeed not clever or scathing but it is very very funny.

Venom looks great. Don't know how you managed to make him look cute but you did.

David Ding (sokar) says:

So true, I wish they would stop stupid movie tie-ins, they are so forced. It's not like the movies help the comic sales anyways.

Also, you should totally make fun of stupid cloud Galactus, that'd be so awesome!!!!

Mike S (venomous) says: Kick Ass, the 2 Venom strips have been my favourites. You're the first comic-related site I check every day. Awesome work.
M. Parkinson (snufflymonkey) says: Thanks peoples - i appreciate it! But the cloud galactus? What the heck is a cloud galactus?? I need to check that out..
Brian Kovich (erato) says: Great strip today, Mike. Not a  big  Venom  fan  but  YO  makes  him so  cute and  cuddly,  like  a   rabid  chihuahua.
David Ding (sokar) says:

Apparently in the next F4 movie Galactus is going to be a cloud.... yeah, a fricking cloud. A cloud just screams devour of worlds, ravager of planets....

Frank Castle (punisher) says: Oh boy. Marketing. At least I have a Punisher appearance to look forward to, when Punisher 2 rolls around next summer.
Jens Altmann (jensaltmann) says:

"its probably a lot funnier to me than other people"


Actually, yeah. The new Year 1 DC strip reads like you're trying to sell Countdown for DC. Here, you make fun of marketing, there, I wonder if DC pays you. :( 

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China Wholesaler Town - China's most viable wholesale supplier of promotional gifts, Wholesale Umbrella you can customize your own logo, no matter anywhere in the world! Wholesale Lighter Successful corporations realize Wholesale Camera that well-planned and well-executed employee incentives play an important Wholesale Speakersrole in helping reach objectives, Wholesale Razor building company morale, Wholesale Jewelryand rewarding both the employees and the valued customers.Wholesale Socks With promotional and novelty gift items, China Wholesale Town Wholesale Furniture International became a specialist in providing branding services. Recorder Pen We proud ourselves in being fast and accurate. Wholesale Scarf We can put your logo on all the products from our OEM / ODM ection. Wholesale Chair Most of our items can be decorated with logo or personalized with personal engraving. ladies Briefcase We delivering to virtually every country in the world Computer Desk. Our warehouse and office
are staffed by a young team of Chinese and Western staff Vacuum Storage Bag . Our professional staff will contact you as soon as possible to provide you with the best quality service through the mail and the telephone.Wholesale Briefcase We can provide customers around the world with many well-produced goods and good service,Wholesale Toys because of many years of
experience in friendly and Wholesale Stress Ball cooperative relations with many Chinese factories and suppliers. Wholesale Fan Here you can find all the most popular, Wholesale Clocks stylish, high-quality goods. Wholesale Sweatshirt China Suppliers, Custom Logo Imprinted, Wholesale Wallet Promotional Products, Promotional Gifts, Promotional Items, Waterproof Waist Pack Wholesale Suppliers, Wholesale Merchandise, Dropship Wholesale, Wholesale Accessories, Wholesale Directory China Wholesale Town - Most Reliable China Wholesale Suppliers, Wholesale Ashtray Custom Logo Imprinted Promotional Gifts, Promotional Items Products, Giveaway Material!Wholesale Pen If you want to start your business with some daily used items, Wholesale Pillow here is the site you need to check. It offeres many products like Bottle Opener, T-Shirts, Carabiner Wholesale Frisbee and Umbrella, Pen, Wholesale Carabiner ect. Under each product section, there are some detailes classification. For Wholesale Keychain, there are Coffee Mug, Water Bottle. For Wholesale Socks and Wholesale USB Products, there are also some detailed classifications. Wholesale Waterproof Case China Wholesale Town - China's most viable wholesale supplier of Promotional Gifts, you can customize your own logo, no matter anywhere in the world! China Wholesale Town - Most Reliable China Wholesale Suppliers, Custom Logo Imprinted Promotional Gifts, Promotional Products Items, Giveaway Material! If you want to start your business with some daily used items, Wholesale Kitchenware here is the site you need to check. It offeres many products like Wholesale Pom Poms, T-Shirts, Carabiner Wholesale First Aid Kit and Umbrella, Pen, Bottle Opener ect. Under each product section, there are some detailes classification. For Wholesale Cup, there are Coffee Mug, Water Bottle. For Wholesale Clap Hands and Wholesale Water Bottle, there are also some detailed classifications. China Wholesale Town - China's most viable wholesale supplier of Promotional Gifts, you can customize your own logo, no matter anywhere in the world! Wholesale Apron Top China Wholesaler-Buy Wholesale Promotional Gifts Promotional Products from China Our main products are consumer electronics, gifts and souvenirs, Wholesale Lanyard, health care products, beauty products, Wholesale Carabiner, automobile parts, household items, plastic products, metal products, Wholesale Mug, kitchen supplies, stationery, sports goods, toys, Wholesale Christmas Gifts, watches, leather products, etc. Tips for Choosing Sports Wholesale Halloween Gift; One Way To Protect Your Device - Wholesale Waterproof Case; Introduce The Wholesale Lanyard For You; Customized Cheaply Prices Promotional Caps-Wholesale Bag; And the Wholesale Clothes Rack also gradually become recognized best promotional product; Buying A Gift For your Friend Who Likes Reading-Wholesale Golf Products; Customized Printed Wholesale Vase

Personalization/Engraving Services
Some items, such as Crystal Award and Metal Coaster and Metal Money Clip and Metal Luggage Tag and Metal Keychain etc, crystal material or metal material products. Camera Tripod require a plate to be added for engraving. Wholesale Clothing These plates can added as your request.Bean Bag

Debossing services are offered on leather items. Such as Leather Wallet and Leather Mouse Pad and Conference Folder and Leather Name Card Holder etc, Debossing is a method that depresses yor company name or logo down into the surface of a leather item. Eye Mask Wholesale EarphoneThis method displays your company logo through the leather goods without color, Water Guncommonly known as "blind debossing". Wholesale MatWe use this method to ensure quality of your goods. Over time, Wholesale Keyboardcolor that is added to leather will fade or flake away.

Screen/Silk Screen PrintingWholesale Jacket
Screen or silkcreen printing is popular for our non-textile products. Poncho RaincoatThis screening can be either single or multicolored. such as Pen and and USB Flash Drive and Tape Measure and Mug and Water Bottle and  Umbrella and Inflatable etc, plastic material, leather material, metal material, Wholesale Knifesilicone material, rubber material, Wholesale Candletextile material are available.

EmbroideryWholesale Mouse
At Corporate Snobs we pride ourselves in offering some of the best choices of customization in the industry.Wholesale Calculator
Our embroidery options are available for most of our monogrammed Tote Bag  and  Apron and Cap  and Embroidery Coaster and Towel etc textile products.

Decoration styles vary per item. PVC Vase Each decoration style will be listed in the product page. Wholesale Mp3For various products, Wholesale Tie decoration options are available for customer to choose type of engraving desired. BB GunsThis will be noted as a choice with the item.Wholesale Earphone Promotional Products, Promotional Gifts, Electric Shaver  Promotional items from China, Toy Guns Custom-made gift Wholesale, Promotional Giveaway Material! Sport Watch Wholesale Merchandise, Safety Belt Wholesale Suppliers, Wholesale Dropship, Door Mat Wholesale Distributors, Wholesale Accessories, Wholesale Watch Wholesale Directory, Discount Wholesaler Flexi Vase

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