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Ok - based ont he comments from yesterday it seems im behind in my marvel News.

Galactus is a cloud. a cloud.


Yeah, you KNOW i'm going to be doing a strip about THAT!

Although i just saw a comment from Avi Arad saying that thats not necessarily the case so we'll see- but either way - Laurence Fishburne doing the voice for the Surfer. nuh-uh.

Anyway - i like todays strip - i dont know why. I like establishing that venom does have a moral code to him albeit a twisted one..

M. Parkinson (snufflymonkey) says: I forgot - i have some new cards up on ebay - green lantern, magneto, first appearance iron man and...Doom! Yep - Dooms finally up. As well a Han Solo card and something else i cant remembe roff the top of my head..
Meteoro M (meteoro) says: Aw, poor little Venom, he really wants to stand by his code.  Just his urges are a little too urgent, lol.
Daniel Gayton (rman021) says:

Mmm, brains...


Great stuff once more.

Dan H (frodo-x) says: I like how Venom has clearly spit all over Gobby while talking to him. 
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