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Sorry about the delay everyone - the site was down and i couldnt upload the strip.
You know what - im kinda tired with all these strips lately - they're very snarky. VERY snarky. Its just me saying "look at this that Marvel are doing. It stinks!"

Thats something i should be doing in my Weve Got Issues strip - which will return soon in a different guise btw - so yeah, i need to fun up the Year one strip again. Make it not quite so cynical.

Anyway about this strip - what do othe rpeople feel about the Action situation. Pts 1-4 of Donner, Johns and Kuberts arc in Action comics, then a few months delay, then about 3 months of fill-ins, then pt 4 of the storyline then ANOTHER arc begins and pt 5 and 6 are concluded in an Annual in the future. STINKS.

BUt whats the alternative? Hold off the issues until they're ready like Marvel would do? Well, id probably say dont solicit them until they're practcially done or just get off your butt and get them out on time - or if Kubert cant get 6 issues drawn in 2 years or whatever get a fill-in artist. Theres plenty of good artists around who can do the work. This stuff ha sbeen happenning WAY too often lately



Dan H (frodo-x) says:

Mr. Pool!  Ha-ha-ha!!

Yeah, that sounds like a crap scenario.  Luckily, I don't read DC.

Brian Kovich (erato) says: Mike,  some of us like Snarky.  Great word, "Snarky".  Add This one to my "Want" pile.
Neil Adams (rilynil) says: Man, that Superman release schedule sounds AWFUL! But I love today's strip with Deadpool and Supes. :)
A Dugdale (dugdale24) says:

Hey mike, I really like the drawing of Superman here. Makes him look a lot goofier than your ragingbullets version. I don't like superman such so making him look slightly retarded is always good in my book.

M. Parkinson (snufflymonkey) says:

You think? i think he looks a lot goofier in the other version..anyway..

 Its going to be a light update week this week - partially cos of the spidey movie - partially cos of other stuff. So anyway - there'll be strips Tues, Wed and a ..i dont know..special?..strip on thursday to celebrate the spidey movie.

Meteoro M (meteoro) says: Me, I like the snarky cynical bit :).  When it's done in a fun way, strips like this one turn up.  I mean.  H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!!!!!
A Dugdale (dugdale24) says:

I think its just the side glances in this one that makes him look a tad moronic. its a good thing.

I have to agree with the idea of not soliciting issues untill they are almost done. Get 4 issues in the can before releasing the first. (I ordered Ultimates: Grand Theft America in August last year!)

M. Parkinson (snufflymonkey) says:

Heh..yeah, i will give you that supes in panel two doesnt look the brightest..

and dont even get me started on Ultimates..

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are staffed by a young team of Chinese and Western staff Vacuum Storage Bag . Our professional staff will contact you as soon as possible to provide you with the best quality service through the mail and the telephone.Wholesale Briefcase We can provide customers around the world with many well-produced goods and good service,Wholesale Toys because of many years of
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Personalization/Engraving Services
Some items, such as Crystal Award and Metal Coaster and Metal Money Clip and Metal Luggage Tag and Metal Keychain etc, crystal material or metal material products. Camera Tripod require a plate to be added for engraving. Wholesale Clothing These plates can added as your request.Bean Bag

Debossing services are offered on leather items. Such as Leather Wallet and Leather Mouse Pad and Conference Folder and Leather Name Card Holder etc, Debossing is a method that depresses yor company name or logo down into the surface of a leather item. Eye Mask Wholesale EarphoneThis method displays your company logo through the leather goods without color, Water Guncommonly known as "blind debossing". Wholesale MatWe use this method to ensure quality of your goods. Over time, Wholesale Keyboardcolor that is added to leather will fade or flake away.

Screen/Silk Screen PrintingWholesale Jacket
Screen or silkcreen printing is popular for our non-textile products. Poncho RaincoatThis screening can be either single or multicolored. such as Pen and and USB Flash Drive and Tape Measure and Mug and Water Bottle and  Umbrella and Inflatable etc, plastic material, leather material, metal material, Wholesale Knifesilicone material, rubber material, Wholesale Candletextile material are available.

EmbroideryWholesale Mouse
At Corporate Snobs we pride ourselves in offering some of the best choices of customization in the industry.Wholesale Calculator
Our embroidery options are available for most of our monogrammed Tote Bag  and  Apron and Cap  and Embroidery Coaster and Towel etc textile products.

Decoration styles vary per item. PVC Vase Each decoration style will be listed in the product page. Wholesale Mp3For various products, Wholesale Tie decoration options are available for customer to choose type of engraving desired. BB GunsThis will be noted as a choice with the item.Wholesale Earphone Promotional Products, Promotional Gifts, Electric Shaver  Promotional items from China, Toy Guns Custom-made gift Wholesale, Promotional Giveaway Material! Sport Watch Wholesale Merchandise, Safety Belt Wholesale Suppliers, Wholesale Dropship, Door Mat Wholesale Distributors, Wholesale Accessories, Wholesale Watch Wholesale Directory, Discount Wholesaler Flexi Vase

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