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Ok good news and bad news - and indifferent news.

First of all, (i gues sindifferent enws) this strip was sposed to go up last week during the downtime - but it didnt happen - which leads to the bad news. Expect more downtime. At the moment I still have to spend the same amount of time on my comission work as i normally do to buy food, but i have to spend an equal amount of time on this colouring gig. I woudl ease off ont he comissions but like i said, the colouring job doesnt start paying until about 3 months time and i cant afford to ease off for 3 months.

On top of that we're currently preparing to sell our house plus i'm stepping up my dutiues in co-running teh Comic Box. So its going to be a mad couple of months. Unfortunately the strip is going to suffer for it.

Which leads to my bad - I've long been thinking that i want to rework the We've Got Issues strip and do that as a regular thing and maybe wrap up YO. Its a shame since its just starting to pick up again but i'd really like to spend some time on something that i can actually see in print or somethign one day.

BUT i dont want to leave YO altogether. Thatd be weird. So i was thinking - i might rejig it a bit - do actual comics of Year One - you know, akin to the 6 page or so Franklin stories or what not. That way i could stilkl be doing them but i would be able to explore almost a new medium with it PLUS (and more importantly) im not stuck on worrying about deadlines and daily updates.

So basically im thinking of wrapping up the strip (im almost at 500, gotta keep going at least till i pass that mark - i have a cool idea for #500 too!) and perhaps relaunching the strip as either one page strips or a comic book (online) with 67 page stories to them or so. Think NEW Year One. That kind of stuff.

Id still have a presence comic strip wise -i have a lot of ideas id like to do with the Weve Got Issues concept - but at the moment that seems to be where my brain is heading. PLUS i have been working on a comic book about my own superkids(solely mine this time) and i think ive got the story hammerred out pretty well - time allwoing, i think itd make a great comic.

Anyway thats the good and bad news. None of this will be happenning for a while though - the strip will be very sporadic for the next few weeks and AGAIN, if ANYONE wants any comission work done im actually auctioning off some custom covers on ebay for cheap so now would be a good time! (i need another 4 for the month..)


mike higgins (bairdduvessa) says: tis a sad day   
Gary Edwards (dingo) says: Tis a very sad day.
L Tang (sentaiwarrior) says:

Sad news but the silver lining is we'll see an actual Year One comic in the future! While Year One is still running, I suggest everyone clicks on the Vote Top Web Comics button below the calendar and votes for Year One so it gets the send off it deserves!

Meteoro M (meteoro) says:

Oh, well, real sad news :*(

But in a way, also good news since you would be working on something that might actually see print and stuff.  I don't want to get all philosophical on this deal, but everything that makes you grow is good.  Let's leave it at that :).  Good luck with all of your projects and drop a strip whenever you can.

Brian Kovich (erato) says: Aww shucks.  But I'm glad you have some interesting projects coming up.  Whatever you're up to, I'm sure most  of us will stick by.  Keep with the funny.
Dan H (frodo-x) says: Sad, but understandable.  Glad you're not abandoning the concept altogether.  I look forward to New Year One.
Kevin Cushing (internalaffairs) says: Oh, I'd love to see a "NEW Year One" comic. Shame to see the current run come to an end, though - it's made Marvel's greatest blunders seem entertaining.-Ted
P-TOR Praetorius (sanctumsanctorumcomix) says:

First of all...
 this "how to" strip was MOST EXCELLENT - in quality and "instructional value" (for those who were "asking" - riiiight).


I think that this was the best looking strip you've ever done (right in time for it all to wrap up... GAH!).

As for a Year One hiatus... hey, man. Gotta take care of the bizniz.

The paying gigs have to come before the fun stuff (or else I'd be writing &  drawing my own stuff full time and living in a box).

I'm AM glad to hear about a return to "We've Got Issues", however.

I loved that strip and was saddened when it seemed like it was abandoned.

Anyway, go do what you gotta.

We'll be here.






M. Parkinson (snufflymonkey) says: Thanks guys - I still want to make it #500 with the strips - just cant at the moment. BUt then yes - probably #500 will be the last in this form. I'll restart up the WGI concept as a daily strip and YO will return in comic book format. So its not gone - just ..transformed..
L Tang (sentaiwarrior) says: Ultimate Year One?
Meteoro M (meteoro) says: Year One from Earth-2 ;)
Kevin Cushing (internalaffairs) says: Well with the delays coming up, I think it's actually All Star Year One - Kevin
Meteoro M (meteoro) says: Don't blame him, maybe Heinberg is writing his plots.  :P
dorian fogliatto (quimerico) says: Did you died?
dorian fogliatto (quimerico) says:

I think he died....


Gary Edwards (dingo) says:

He's not dead, he's just sleeping.



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