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My Tiny Jesus told me to draw this.

Tiny Jesus Dailies

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  1. Find out what your friends fav/star at twitter
  2. OMG yes. We are definitely going to try that!
  3. Looking at TV with my baby. Don't know how long i can kept looking at Disney Channel
  4. Dancing?
  5. oh no it's okay. It's still fun :)
  6. Why WC?
  7. 義妹か
  8. Fun with a Megaphone
  9. やんごとねぇ
  10. Hurrying to get the day's work done.
  11. Oh Yay.. Tuesday... uhhh
  12. At work
  13. nunca estive lá e gostaria de ver de perto
  14. What kind of car is it?
  15. Is this day ever going to end..... I just might head out
  16. Yes I am not sure that the elves can sort that one out - a fairy godmother is probably what you need
  17. And it should not be neglected in the efforts.
  18. haha, very cute!
  19. burp
  20. we maken er wel weer een feestje van! ;)
  21. muss ich mal schauen o.O
  22. even the greatest got to suffer sometime.
  23. Remembering my love of Java.
  24. Frampton comes to breakfast
  25. a dracu invidie
  26. Is intimidated by the blogging engine known as Wordpress. I haven't touched that monster in months!
  27. Oh no, Zombies. The Communist by-product of forbidden science & opposing Democracy
  28. My desk is resisting my cleaning and organizing efforts. I may have to get drastic and light a match.
  29. ABCNewsBrisbane: Rising rural debt worrying, Agforce says
  30. disco, disco, Good, Good.
  31. fears I am entering into a heartburn and indigestion phase...not loving it.
  32. The wasps are inside the house now. The cats are intrigued. I'm thinking it's a little too Alfred Hitchcock for me.
  33. ma mi conosci
  34. Feeling a lot better. Kids demand accountability and I answered it by cooking and sitting down to dinner. Blues away
  35. God kväll. Uppdaterar inte bilddagboken idag heeeller. För trött. Herrå!
  36. gente, que bafo
  37. I'm bored
  38. メモリもってくればよかったな
  39. weeeeeeeeee
  40. やっぱり間違えるな、このボタン配置
  41. nah, the pooch looks good as-is :P
  42. OMFG, hurry up 5:30! I really am looking forward to hunting for something to wear with Jessie for new years after work today. SEQUINS!!!
  43. Último post do ano: (OBRIGADO A TODOS!)
  44. is wondering why tofurious wants to be british :-)
  45. Bore Water
  46. is ready for school!!!!! (haha not)
  47. I think I did alright. Fingers crossed!
  48. 7 More subs and then I have an excuse to stream!
  49. Tear gas?!? Bart riot in Oakland turns ugly
  50. Google map of the location
  51. Recipe for disaster
  52. Come fly with me
  53. what is and why should i care?
  54. dang basketball
  55. Is tired.
  56. I somehow knew you'd open ur own baked goodies place since our early blogging days. :). can't wait to see what you'll have on etsy!
  57. Drive Safe
  58. no será distinta, pero sí será más cautelosa. A eso le tengo fe
  59. what are you watching?
  60. Learning from other people's experiences (a.k.a. blunders)
  61. Accessipunk
  62. Australia Day lateness
  63. get off my lawn
  64. Going to bed
  65. Also, i see the cheshire cat. Do you?
  66. Defeated once again, our hero begins the mournful trek home.
  67. Los conductores que asisten a cursos para recuperar puntos se multiplican por cuatro en el último año
  68. Getting Ice Cream with @bobwise.
  69. needs to control her online shopping habits, LOL
  70. That was a dangerous play.
  71. Damn it that knee was Down!!!!! got damn home cookin!!!
  72. Sleepy
  73. Monday comes all too soon - challenges abound
  74. just punched a potato out of anger. no I'm not kidding
  76. omg I totally went there while I was in AZ, lmfao
  77. Just got out of the shower. Scrubbed my jock and ass. The funky smell went away. Now going to watch buffy or friends.
  78. Round and round the garden, goes the teddy bear
  79. Wait 'til the press gets a hold of these!
  80. I have a very pressing matter to attend to.
  81. It's curtains for you
  82. i havent realized til now but im on a writers block.
  83. american idol is fail slash felica barton is love.
  84. Finally getting to my followbacks! It's been a busy 2 days & only getting busier. Great to tweet you!
  85. Another loser: Oh goodness I lost the game again. Ugh.
  86. so I was hanging out in the same elevator lobby as Bobby Jindal (and his security) this morning...
  87. Duh!!! i just got your twitter ! Yep. It's pretty awesome.
  88. コーヒーのドリップを開始しました♪今しばらくお待ちください...
  89. 血税使って子供のけんかを見せられてもあきれるばかり。そんなんだか
  90. Is looking forward to going home for the night!
  91. "you've got to feel the light"
  92. おきたー 昨日ホコリ吸いすぎた!
  93. bonne nuit, je devrais faire pareil mais j'ai trop de caféine dans le cerveau
  94. Welcome to the dark side. We have absinthe.
  95. hating on the new msn messenger, the new facebook, and the new lecturer I have for tomorrow's class...
  96. Aw... sorry you're having a rough time of it. :o( I understand tho. Check your email, K? Plz try to have a good night!
  97. Watch out NY FB's!! RT @stephenfry: And sharks are NOT dangerous. More people bitten by New Yorkers every year than sharks. Fact!
  98. Finally~ I'm starting to get a little tired
  99. I'm too busy tweeting!
  100. Yes, but are there still chicks present? ;-).
  101. Good night!
  102. Bye. Just hopped back on. Have a good night.
  103. Go north carolina! :)
  104. a la porra una sola cirugia!!! me saco la madre
  105. great weekend. -=).
  106. Just to be different, I'm going to hang the washing out as I go! Not only here but also on a blog. Here we go
  107. is wrapping up his narratives for my graphic novels... damn im tired!
  108. I'm shoegazing it
  109. Having a wonderful evening! Enjoying Mr.Wonderful, better everyday, if that's possible!
  110. Rescue me is top shit
  111. juzt found that theres a mouse in my house. i screamed for my mom to chace it and then i scream at her when she tryed to kill it. it ran.
  112. Anyone do any diving off Rocky Point, Mexico?
  113. having a diablo samwich and a dr pepper
  114. Padlock_large This person has protected their updates.
  115. You're really wishing somebody with whom you disagree politically would be shot? Doesn't the left pride itself on its compassion?
  116. Divulgação é criticada por criador da prova: O criador do Enem e atual secretário da Educação de São Paulo, Paul
  117. 'se pudesse carregava ela pra morar com nos 3 :('
  118. Trying the cupcake update for the G1
  119. It's getting really hot here.. I need a survival guide..
  120. are you pregnant? you seem to be craving sweets like nobody's business! lol.
  121. 殿ã«ä¹éƒŽã®ç«ã¡çµµ
  122. last one out at ikea
  123. Steps to Creating Dual-Career Ladders at Your Company
  124. City Soon...........Thursday ppl
  125. US sacks top Afghanistan commander: US Defence Secretary Robert Gates says he has sacked the top
  126. Jerk,Jerk,Jerk ............................................................. Jerk
  127. check your facebook mail
  128. talking with Ben....please God, help me say the right our family reconcile...
  129. dj snow white Blew up this weekend at Glo Lounge
  130. Mi tambien!
  131. you've been very quiet on here lately - whats going on??
  132. we've seen like 5 guys but we can't tell for sure on any of them...2 have blondes with them BLECH!!
  133. The prospect of packing is truly terrifying. Also, swine flu hit lackawana county?! Is it Friday yet?
  134. Geithner works to fill out Treasury
  135. mais outra!
  136. about to work on my essay. wish me luck!
  137. hang on
  138. Is ready for what is in's been a good year. I hope this trend continues.
  139. Hates holiday on monday OTL
  140. I'll have one.
  141. looking to earn a bit extra cash?
  142. Yesssssssssss :D I love this song. I just got rick roll'd and I jizzed in my pants.
  143. Blame Comikaze24
  144. Comikaze24: approving promotion motorway
  145. Comikaze24: novice conjunction button
  146. Comikaze24: offhand tack alcoholic
  147. Comikaze24: supreme flexibility tenth
  148. Comikaze24: massive synthesizer moan
  149. Comikaze24: unlike fire blink
  150. Comikaze24: resulting problem overtone
  151. Comikaze24: brutal bucket accident
  152. Comikaze24: straggling breasting fresher
  153. Comikaze24: hippiest tenure overlapping
  154. Comikaze24: fatigued adamant punter
  155. Comikaze24: gooiest wickedness banter
  156. Comikaze24: drier realty kerchief
  157. Comikaze24: focused stiffening orchestration
  158. Comikaze24: torrid papacy showcase
  159. Comikaze24: impelling whirlwind embalm
  160. Comikaze24: balmiest solitude privatize
  161. Comikaze24: contorted ceding spew
  162. Comikaze24: hushed afterthought corralling
  163. Comikaze24: stilted housework rebate
  164. Comikaze24: marble couching caricature
  165. Comikaze24: stodgiest egotism dramatize
  166. Comikaze24: insoluble ford crab
  167. Comikaze24: heady optician barge
  168. Comikaze24: sunburned doily thump
  169. Comikaze24: eighteenth storehouse overslept
  170. Comikaze24: disquieting stratosphere capped
  171. Comikaze24: breezy phosphorus materialize
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