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Nick says: hiya folks! Holidays are over, and it's time to get serious about work again. Tomorrow. Or maybe the day after. Whatever. If you've made any New Year's resolutions, then I suggest you give them up now. You're only going to disappoint yourself. And if you are going to disappoint yourself, you may as well do it when it's sunny outside, and you can go to the beach to cheer yourself up!

(If you're in the northern hemisphere, maybe you could go to Paris to cheer yourself up? It's close, right?)

Just quietly, I'm pretty sure that God is a huge fan of hats. And really, can you blame him/her/it?

Adrian Hawley (dr_aj) says:

"I'm pretty sure that God is a huge fan of hats. And really, can you blame him/her/it?"

Well, many of God's Terra-bound representatives seem to wear big funky hats and what other explanation could there be?

Nick Bate (nickb) says: That's exactly what I was thinking! Although I suppose that God might just enjoy making his/her/its clergy look stupid...
Adrian Hawley (dr_aj) says: I 'spose that is another possibility. 'If you're really devoted to me... wear this...'. Could it be that the Divine Being is insecure?
Anthony Earl (antains) says: I love the fist shake.
Adrian Hawley (dr_aj) says: Killer robot 'saviour of all humanity'. I like your style sir.
Peter Sinkis (lothdyn) says: I'm impressed - an entire Jesus comic without one cross.  The new time machine hat is also great!
Nick Bate (nickb) says: Cheers Ant! The fist-shaking made me giggle when I drew it at 3am, and (completely unexpectedly) made me giggle again once I'd actually had some sleep!
Creators (sockpuppetcomics) says: This is the best and most practical advice I've seen so far to beat the heat. AND it made me laff. Now where did I leave my top hat?
Adrian Hawley (dr_aj) says: Nice one. Proper use of a time machine.
Peter Sinkis (lothdyn) says: I like short term, long term planning!
Peter Sinkis (lothdyn) says: You're absolutely right... It's the only way the could do it! :)
Simon Hawley (gixx-sah) says: Excellent. If only he'd planted two, he could put up a hammock...
Peter Sinkis (lothdyn) says: Why does that name sound familiar? (Wil Wheaton not Stephane Halleux, never heard of the second before.
Nick Bate (nickb) says:

 Wil Wheaton played Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

I mean, ahem, so I hear. Or something.

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