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Nick says: That Einstein, he's such a funny guy! I'm aware that if I really wanted the father of general relativity to throttle the father of quantum mechanics, I probably should've gone with Niels Bohr instead of Erwin Schroedinger, but it turns out Niels Bohr is really hard to draw!

Anyway, welcome to the first installment of The Space-Time Machine in its new home! If you haven't read the nine strips that started all of this off, I encourage you to do so. Everything from here on out will make so much more sense if you understand that those black hats are actually devices for transporting their wearers through space and time... Plus, panel seven on strip four was a real corker.

Anthony Earl (antains) says:

Hmm. I've just had a look. You could draw Niels the same as Schrodinger. All you need to do is shorten his hair and lose the glasses.

 But who did spit in Albert's soup? Was it the cat?

Nick Bate (nickb) says:

I sure hope there isn't a cat hanging around. If there were, Einstein would probably shove it in a box with a complicated cat-murdering device just to prove a point.

 Funny thing is, Schroedinger would probably do the same.

 Your description of Niels Bohr sounds very similar to a drawing of JFK that i've got lined up... 

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