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Nick says: normally my red pen is used for evil (by which I mean marking assignments submitted by undergrads), so it's always nice to have a chance to use it for good (by which I mean drawing Julius Caesar lying in a pool of his own blood).

No wait, have I got that backwards?

Also, I think I should own this t-shirt.
Anthony Earl (antains) says:

I like the tee. Speaking of that and your comic, I've time-travelled myself and this Friday's Tiny Jesus Daily was done with you in mind.


Nick Bate (nickb) says:

The eternal dilemma facing the time traveller: do I hop forward now and see all the cool stuff immediately, or do I revel in the anticipation?

 The answer: hop even further forward and ask your future self if it was worth the wait.

 (Future self says yes!)

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Seriously. why aren't you over at

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