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Nick says: did I thank you for taking the time to read this comic yet? No? Well, I really do appreciate it -- thank you! I may not have many readers, but I love every single one of you (hi Mum!).


Adrian Hawley (dr_aj) says:

Now, does that mean that there is a grand story in the telling or will that panel be tacked onto the end of comic #100 regardless, even if it is, say, the wedding of Robobutler and Coffee Shop Girl?

All girls in coffee shops secretly want to marry huge cucumber sandwich serving robots right? Or is that just me?

Creators (sockpuppetcomics) says: The rocket is an especially awesome touch. Congratulations on reaching your milestone! How goes the pencil sharpening?...
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Seriously. why aren't you over at

There's loads of extra stuff appearing there all the time!

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