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Nick says: sometimes I have to talk myself into sitting down and starting to draw a comic. I mean, it takes effort, when it would be waaaay easier to put on another episode of Peep Show, or read the next chapter of Finch by Jeff Vandermeer (both activities I heartily encourage, by the way). Happily, once I get going I pretty much always start enjoying myself. This strip was an excellent example -- I hadn't drawn anything in a few weeks, so I was slow to start, but once I got rolling I totally forgot about doing any of that other stuff!

So yeah, apologies for my unannounced absence last week. I was at a conference in New Zealand, where I spent the first part of the week hurriedly trying to piece together a presentation, and the second part of the week railing against the truly ridiculous cost of internet access in my hotel. Fifteen bucks for 50 megabytes?! Sheesh...

I'm back in action now, though, so hopefully we'll be back to our regular Tuesday-and-Thursday schedule. I'm starting something a little new with today's strip (I did warn you a few weeks ago!). Not sure where it's going to go, but with any luck we'll all enjoy ourselves...

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