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Nick says: 130 strips! It's as good a milestone as any. It's ten times a prime number. If you subtract one hundred from it, it's the age at which I will finally get my s**t* together because, well, just because. It's a good amount of money to ask for from an ATM because it gives you one fifty for any big purchases (or if you fancy the cashier at the store and want to watch her count out change while you work up the courage to ask her if she'd like to go and see the new Kevin Smith movie with you when it comes out**), but most of it comes in twenties. So yeah, happy 130 strips everyone!

I've been listening to the Ricky Gervais podcast from 2006 (thanks Jen!), and I realise I'm a bit behind the times, but Karl Pilkington is funny.

Update, 6/03/10: I'm sure you will have noticed by now that there was no strip on Thursday March 4th. I'm sorry about that -- there are various relatively uninteresting real life reasons. I'm afraid I'm going to miss the next couple of weeks too. Check back on Monday March 22nd, though, and I'll see if I can't do something a bit special to make up for the brief hiatus...

I'd love it if you stuck with me, folks!

* You should see In the Loop. It made me laugh.

** You probably shouldn't ever do that. It's creepy.

*** If you could insert a footnote that said "Lunch was delicious" anywhere in the paragraphs I wrote above, where would you put it?

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