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Nick says: and here you have it, the first page of the interim comic Something Long. This page bears the subtitle "The 43rd Glorious War For Independence Waged Against The Dastardly Mulberanians By The Glorious Royal Gravonvillian Combined Armed Forces".

This was my entry to the 2009 Comikaze 24-hour comic challenge. The challenge takes place on the Queen's Birthday long weekend every year, and the idea is to write and draw a complete comic from scratch in 24 hours. To make sure you're not cheating, you get three words when you start that must be included in your comic. In 2009, my words were breezy, materialize and phosphorous. If you poke around on this website, you can probably also find 2006 and 2007 entries from me (Journey to the Centre of the Galaxy, my first ever comic, and Science-Fu), Jen and Trev (Butchering a Classic and The Genre Machine), and Ant (Bless this House).

Comikaze 2010 is only two weeks away, and I'm planning on having a go again this year. Maybe you should too? Pop over to their website, here, and sign up! It's a 'competition' only in the loosest sense of the word -- it's not like my stick figures are ever going to win anything!

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