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Southern Fried Comics is the brainchild of artist Matt Laipple and writer Chad Carver. The two happened upon each other for the first time in years via the MySpace epidemic and recognized the vital role each would play in the professional development of the other. Shortly thereafter, artist/creator James McDowell was coerced to join the growing flock. The SFC, as it is affectionately known, has rapidly amassed a following rumored to include several world leaders, and the leaders of several worlds. All this, and the first book hasn't gone to print yet. Chad Carver's "Powerhouse" (art by James McDowell) is set to go to print any day now, and several more titles are in the works. "Damn Nation" by Matt Laipple and Chad Carver, "Sidekick Academy" by everyone, and "Finnegan's Wake" by James McDowell and Chad Carver are all on the horizon. It also would appear that the boys from the Dirty Dirty will have a booth at HeroesCon in Charlotte next June. Stay tuned for more!