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Templar, Arizona

Updates twice weekly!

Slice-of-life drama and comedy in a semi-alternate Arizona.

This comic is always free. Willikers!


Back from hiatus, and now on Serializer! Updates Wednesdays.

Coming-of-age, politics, adventure, and war on an alien world: Three disreputable, bumpkin brothers chase a little glory... but don't know quite what to do when they catch it.



Updates every weekday, as long as the archives hold out!

An experimental, wordless comic, not for the faint of heart or soft of brain. False demons, phony angels, and the evolution of sentience. Don't worry, it all makes sense. Eventually.


Playing with Dolls

Updated sporadically, and far more often than it deserves.

Shameless and senseless Sims 2 wankery. Melodrama, soap opera plots, and genuinely stupid storytelling, all with screenshots. No, I'm not proud of myself.


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