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Five: The Diary of Coda Experiment, This Week.

Dear Diary!!!!





When I came home today, OUR HOUSE WAS SO HUGE OH MY GOD. Okay, well, maybe not super-huge, not PALACE-huge, but, like, TWICE as big as when I left to go to school this morning and oh my GOD it's SOOOOOO NICE. All our old furniture is gone, and it's been replaced with this, like, SUPER-EXPENSIVE furniture from all the really nice stores. Why can we AFFORD this??? These people wouldn't even send us CATALOGS yesterday! Now we have half their stock!!!

I think Daddy did something. Something bad. I have a very good reason to think that, too.

Daddy won't talk about where the money came from. He just WON'T. That is suspicious. I ask, and he's just all GO DO YOUR HOMEWORK, CODA. And he KNOWS I have DONE IT. He's been acting really, really strange, too. I think he's, you know, Buddhist now or something? He's talking about meditation and enlightenment and karma and stuff suddenly, and he's meditating in the old bedroom for hours at a time, now. I think he feels guilty about something. Oh my God, I hope it's nothing serious. Oh my God. Don't go to jail, Daddy, please? Oh my God those men would kill you.

You must think I'm an awful person for thinking all this, but I'm not. I know Daddy's not an honest person. I know that sounds really mean, but I've known it since I was a little kid. It is very obvious. I just never thought he would be creepy about money. He used to just be creepy about other ladies.

He's been seeing Mary-Sue Pleasant for, like, years. They work together. Me and Lyric acted like we didn't know, but we do. No one tells Mom, though. I think he's seeing someone else, too, but I don't know who. Me and Lyric both saw them hug at a party once. We still like Daddy and everything, but never the same since.

Aria never knew, though. She knows now, since Daddy and his girlfriend were kissing on the sidewalk when she got home from school today. Right out where everyone could see. I guess it's really bad to see the first time. She cried.

Aria still liked Daddy as much as Mom, but not now. But she doesn't hate him, though, so don't think that. None of us do. But she cried some. When Daddy saw Aria crying, he came over and hugged her and played games and stuff until she stopped.

But Mary Sue still had dinner with us that night. Mom cooked spaghetti, and got all embarrassed when we weren't nice to her.

There's another thing, too. I think the new house has gone to Daddy's head some, but I think it's gone to Lyric's, too. But that's not a surprise.

She has this new best friend, Cassandra. I think she's rich, but I don't know for sure. I've never seen her before. But Lyric is acting like they're just totally best buddies, now. It's really fake.

Is that how we should be, now? Are rich people fake? Because I can't be fake. It is, like, impossible. I will explode.

Did you know Lyric even goes to the park at night to play chess with Cassandra??? CHESS! Lyric HATES chess, but she was all eager and fakey and stuff when Cassandra mentioned it, like she did it all the time. "Oh boy, chess!" Lame. Lyric likes shopping and clothes and making out, not chess. She's being so phony. It's really dumb.

I don't like what's happening at all. And I don't know how I'm going to explain all of this to Lily. She is going to laugh at my whole family. And I wouldn't blame her. We are laughable. We are worse than rednecks who have won the lottery. Oh my God.




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