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  1. One: Meet the Experiments!
  2. Two: Lyric Adrift.
  3. Three: We're In the Money!
  4. Four: The Diary of Coda Experiment, Last Week.
  5. Five: The Diary of Coda Experiment, This Week.
  6. Six: Lilith Moves In!
  7. Seven: Cradle-to-Grave Robbing!
  8. Eight: At Home with the Pleasants!
  9. Nine: A Letter from Mom!
  10. Ten: Cassandra in Custody.
  11. Eleven: The Calm Before the Shitstorm.
  12. Twelve: Twoo Wuv.
  13. Thirteen: alt.arts.poetry.gothic.self_important_dreck
  14. Fourteen: Angela in Blunderland, Part 1!
  15. Fifteen: Angela in Blunderland, Part 2!
  16. Sixteen: The Saboteur.
  17. Seventeen: "It ain't cheating if you shoulda won in the first place."
  18. Eighteen: Indigo Light Child -The Golden Spirit Newsletter of Swami Daniel Pleasant
  19. Nineteen: Return to Sender
  20. Twenty: Parent-Teacher Conference #28.
  21. Twenty One:
  22. Twenty Two: The Marriage of Angela Pleasant.