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<<< This is my Maya Angelou shot. I call it that because it looks like I'm on the back of a dust jacket, explaining something vitally important, and someone off-camera is paying close attention. But I'm probably just talking about that guy I found on the Internet who ate his own penis and posted photographs of it, and everyone near me is sort of screaming.


This site exists, primarily, for the sake of Templar. It's the comic I've wanted to do since I was ten. Hopefully it'll make more sense now than it did then, when it was the twisted, ape-reared lovechild of Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and St. Elsewhere. But no promises.

And on a personal note, I'm pretty sure that squishy white crumb I ate off of my desk the other day wasn't frosting. IT WASN'T FROSTING AT ALL. :(