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Read what others are saying...

Testimonials (used with permission)

I just visited your website of Sacred Cows and I am more than impressed. I am one of the original researchers in the field of near-death studies, and am an experiencer as well. Your kind of humor, how you handle your ministry through cartoons and products related to your cartoons, is exceptional. You are a rare talent.

I mean what I say about your work - it is exceptional!

P.M.H. Atwater

[Note: SpiritPainter is providing Dr. Atwater with several Sacred Cows cartoons for her latest upcoming book.]

I just went through your archives and almost fell off my divine derriere laughing. Your work is right up our alley, my friend, and we are going to thoroughly enjoy sharing your strips!

Lissa Boles

Hi, thanks for sending me your link - you are doing wonderful work in the world. We all need to lighten up more and you are helping the world to do it! yea for you - this is truly a unique and needed idea!

Karen Drucker

I love these! I have sent the link on to Peter (Gandy) I know he will enjoy them.

Timothy Freke
Author, with Peter Gandy The Jesus Mysteries, Jesus and the Lost Goddess, The Laughing Jesus

You are terrific...the cartoons are incredible! Sacred Cows makes me smile...and sometimes say "ouch" as I recognize Truth in your cartoon strips! We use them in so many different ways...I have enclosed them in "get well" cards, have quoted them in my Sunday talks...and so much more!

You are incredibly talented! Thank you for making our spiritual principles so clear in such a humorous, and highly impactful way. This is a vehicle which I believe will at last reach the masses with our important message! I appreciate your consciousness very much! Thank you!?Thank you!

Rev. Jackie Holland
Camarillo Church

...It is a fresh work that needs to be seen.

Tim Meijan
Editor, Edge Life: A Holistic Journal

I think the Sacred Cows comic strip is delightful. Congratulations!

Jeffrey H. Mishlove, PhD

Your cartoons are like a dose of happiness. More people need to find out about SacredCowsOnline.com to put a smile on their face. Melissa and I are excited about your products, too. We think it's a great idea, and your prices are great. You also have a very hip selection of clothing. Whether that be your daily comic strip, your t-shirts or your coffee cups, your work is raising the energy of our planet and getting people to think about spirituality, one cartoon at a time. I love those silly cows. Nice work!

Bob Olson
OfSpirit.com editor

I LOVE SpiritPainter's Sacred Cows cartoon strip and I'm very happy to feature it on my website so other people can become devotees as well. For those of us who have been steeped in church consciousness, found it too narrow for the totality of who we wanted to become, and moved on in our own independent research into the core values of all spiritual paths, his observations are a breath of fresh air. The cows, in their wonderful innocence, bring warm-hearted insight to important issues and poke good-natured fun at some of the absurd edges of New Age consciousness. We need to laugh at ourselves, release stress, and realize that spirituality is LIGHT!

Penney Peirce
Author of The Intuitive Way and Dreams for Dummies

Hi, I have been sending your links to your wonderful Sacred Cows cartoons to everyone I know... It has become a regular read for us all at our center everyday. Great job in the God Dept. Keep on keeping on, God is pleased and so are we. Very pleased.

Rev. Diane Wolcott Watson
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