World at War

Updates Tuesday and Thursday

Well, first comic finally complete... yeah, I know, it's pretty bad. I'm still trying different things out and trying to see what I like best. The color is pretty "bleah", I'm not going to lie, that's probably why I won't be doing too much coloring in the future. I'm just not good at it.

Maybe I'll practice it in the future...

Anyways, I've had this idea for a REALLY short time, so the whole story will be improvised as I update. This can be good AND bad... but hopefully, it'll be good!


Anyways, expect an update really soon!

2nd page finally finished haha! I finally figured out how to go about this faster.

Be glad there is no color yet, I am still practicing =P

Umm... yeah, I hope you guys get the reference to the game... and if you've played it... you know the pain of updating... >.<

I got a bit lazy with the screen on the last panel, sorry...

The REAL story will begin VERY soon, so be prepared!!

Oh, and beware of "License Agreements"... =P

Finally the story will begin.

I tried coloring this differently. Tell me what you guys think.

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