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I started as a writer first. From the age of 4, telling stories was all I ever wanted to do. I just had a hard time deciding where my stories would fit in on the bookstore shelves -- at least until I discovered graphic novels. I wish my artistic background was more glamorous, but the truth is that I avoided art after my kindergarden teacher made a comment about my coloring skills for something I thought I was doing a good job at. I nearly flunked 5th grade art because I couldn't cut, paste, color, draw, etc. In high school, I avoided the art room like it was a plague. It wasn't until many years later that I decided to take drawing classes. The very first lesson changed my life and I could "see" as an artist. I got brave and started painting, photography, and graphic novels. Weblinks has a long story, but this is my first attempt at this, sort of like a test. I'll just have to tackle it one page at a time. It may soon have to compete with the story that's my first love - Sacred Knight. More details about that can be found on my websites or .
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