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Every Sunday if the Universe wills it to be so!
The doctor has been revealed and has fallen. What's going to happen to Caitlyn now?
You know, you go messing with one thing and it destroys everything. Here I was, all cool because I'd changed my voting buttons and moving them around. Well, I went to the page and the stupid button wasn't there. So, I go back in and I put the buttons at the top and the bottom of the page -- overkill, right? Nothing. However, if I backed up a page, I could see the buttons.  I don't know what's going on. I think I've got them back this week, but I'll have to check from another computer to really feel sure as to whether they are there or not.  So, if you don't see them but would like to vote, please click the "Previous" link and you'll see the button then, I promise. Now watch... that won't even work. Sigh!
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