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Understanding Terran Culture Support Group: A slight detour from the preceding pages - and a chance to look at some of the other goings on at the Magellan Academy. All the characters in today's update have been seen at least once somewhere over the last 500+ pages! In panel 2 we see clockwise (from the 'cat lady'):

  • Jaqi Leffee: member of faculty; first significant appearance on page 4.149; teaches business studies and costume design.
  • Lyta: first year cadet; most notable appearance to date on pages 2.40 thru 2.44; she's a 'demi-goddess'from the realm of Arkan.
  • Gifford Foss: first year cadet; recently had his own origin story Reckless Hero; he's a Grorb goblin from the realm of Byron.
  • Chiq: first year cadet; he (yes... he) hasn't really had any notable appearances to date - but can be seen in the background of a number earlier scenes; he's an alien from the planet Pareya.
  • Jenna Zots: first year cadet; she also hasn't had any notable appearances so far but like wise has been seen in a few scenes; she's a Forn demoness from the realm of Fassique (a number of her people also live on Earth as refugees).
  • Briar O'Hennessy: second year cadet; glimpsed briefly on page 4.212; she's from the realm colloquially known as 'Centaur Ireland' since apparently it's almost the same as Ireland on Earth except everyone is a centaur/centauress.
  • Dane: member of faculty; briefly seen on page 1.19 (yes, a loooong time ago); it (genderless) teaches Xenology and hails from the planet Haaj.
  • Fatima Hussein: first year cadet; has had many notable appearances - like the one on pages 2.20-2.23 (which may or may not be relevant to the rest of this story...); she's a cephelamaid from the underwater kingdom PherNia (on Earth).
  • Polly Tenu: third year cadet; first notable appearance on page 4.161; she's a shape changer from the realm of Shlos.
  • V'reis Bol-lob Sier'v: third year cadet; first notable appearance was also on page 4.161; he's a phaser (ie. walks through solid objects) from the realm of Akti-itka.
  • Bif Zots: sixth year cadet; briefly glimpsed on page 1.16; like Jenna he's a Fassique Forn demon. They're cousins.
You'll notice that the majority of them come from other realms (other dimensional Earths) which, to my mind at least, explains their similarities to Earth humans/terrans.

Jenna: yes, she does have has cloven hooves and a prehensile tail - the Forn (her people) are demons after all!

There are norms and then there are "norms"...

Jenna Zots: You might notice her eyes are now red (with yellow pupils) - this is a new look. I've gone back over the last few pages and made this change - at some point (for continuity's sake) I will do that with all previous appearances of Jenna and other Forn characters (there are a few!)The change was made for no other reason than cosmetic purposes - I wanted to demon up the look of the Forn... I've written a bit about why in the blog and forum.

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