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Freya Foster and Maya Applecross: Long time readers would hopefully recognise these two characters. I say hopefully because they have changed a bit since we saw them last - Freya, who is an empath and counselor at the Academy has had her long pink (plonde)hair cut short into a plonde bob; Maya, a first year cadet with mind mojo/illusion powers has lost a fair bit of weight (her change of hair style happened right at the end of the Bad Karma story). There are a lot of points referenced in the dialogue above but the most pertinent would be Maya putting the moves on Miasma (her alternative future evil self) on page 4.271 and the death of Chang Chong as witnessed by Maya on page 4.277. And of course, Maya was getting a bit dark in her dealings with security guard Cassie on pages 4.299-300...

"Sweet Maya" fanfic: Following this scene between Freya and Maya longtime Magellan reader Pascal told me that Maya's situation had inspired him to put pen to paper - or at least to tap away at his keyboard - and, to that end, he has produced a rather remarkable work of fan fiction. It's called Sweet Maya and I enjoyed it immensely - it nicely cuts in past events and current characters. You can read it here.

That Brelvis sure is a naughty dog-boy: OK, a few points that might help jog your memory...

  • Brian, an old friend of Kaycee's, turned himself and his dog Elvis into Brelvis on pages 1.06-1.09;
  • Brelvis' parental issues came to the fore on pages 2.65-2.67;
  • Brelvis met Go!Anna on pages 3.28-3.34;
  • Brelvis burnt his bridges with Luke "Wombatman" McDonald (who was, at least up until that point also Annie "Go!Anna" Summers partner in love and crime-fighting) on pages 3.37-3.42 - the rest, as they say was history and Brelvis found himself on Magellan Island courtesy of Freya;
  • This all became a little confusing when an alternate future version of Brelvis - codenamed "Mongrel" arrived on Magellan island - seen meeting himself and Kaycee on page 4.293...
Resolving feelings the Go!Anna way.
Resolving feelings: Annie's "unresolved issues" with Luke "Wombatman" McDonald essentially stem from his affair with a certain Captain Victoria...

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Archives: The Magellan archives are free! Some quick stepping stones to the start of each chapter are available below. Happy reading:
Wannabe The Great Leap Forward Daze
Chapter 1: Wannabe: It all begins here... Kaycee heads off for Magellan Academy, the origin of Brelvis, Go!Anna takes on a small mystery, plus many characters are introduced - Nadine, Fatima, Freya, Tom, Charisma, Wombat-man and Epoch.
Chapter 2: The Great Leap Forward: Kaycee faces up to her first moment of truth... will she be able to stand toe-to-tentacle with the best of her fellow cadets? Go!Anna's investigations go awry and Brelvis cuts loose.
Chapter 3: Daze: Go!Anna has a piece of the puzzle to her investigations - little does she realise it leads to greater, more deadly problems. Introduces Bugle, Captain Victoria and Master Drake. Brelvis and Freya show up too!

Bad Karma Reckless Hero Buying the Stairway to Heaven
Chapter 4: Bad Karma: Karma's not who she pretends to be and she's woven a complex web of deceit within the very the heart of the Magellan Academy. She has a number of targets in her sights... including Kaycee.
Reckless Hero: A story featuring cadet Gifford Foss with guest art by Jean-François Poulin. Gifford has been branded a reckless adventurer by his own people - the goblin Grorb of Byronia - but when the rampaging Rolf attack the Grorb's village can Gifford come to he rescue?
Buying the Stairway to Heaven: A Magellan/Mindmistress crossover story. Mindmistress has dropped in to Magellan for a bit of tutoring time with hyper-brainy cadet Rochelle Kwan. Unknown to them both, Mindmistress has brought an unwelcome guest.

Magellan History: A ten page backgrounder into the history of the Magellan Universe up to the end of Chpter 1. Read it here...

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