The stories of what happens around Stone Henge when there's no people to see. Maybe the celts had more of the right ideas....



A comic about events surrounding the stranger goings-on at Stonehenge...

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Stone Unhinged

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Nyiri Bluepatch

Nyiri is roughly twenty years old in human comparison, though his age is far beyond that in true years; young and unexperienced, he would have been cocky had he not been hatched out blind, a sad thing. Friended since he was young by Tobi, Nyiri would have been probably killed had the other not taught him many things; stunted growth and his inability to see has allowed him to becoming a fast and quiet creature, great at travelling unnoticed; but he cannot tell when something is not right by looking, a great dificulty for him.

The name bluepatch comes from his type of egg.

Name: Nyiri Bluepatch.
Age: 35 years/ 20ish in human equivelant.
Height: 5ft to the shoulder.
Length: Nose to tailtip - 6ft
Colourings: Dusty brown-gold, cream eyes, brighter yellow furry bits.
Skills: Quiet and quick, intelligent.
Faults: Blind.
Personality: Quiet and studious, Nyiri will consider things before doing them. Limited by his lack of sight, his caution can cause problems but normally prevents them. Intelligent, he has learnt to work around this and make others of his home world see him not as faulted but just different.
History: < Work in Progres >
Friends: Tobi, Tyani, Kayari.
Family: Mother, Sriyni - Father, Hmani (Deceased), unknown other siblings aunts etc. Back to the Cast Page
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