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Gam-dogs are mysterious creatures. A person can live their whole life never seeing one. Because of their rarity, science has yet to figure out if or why exactly music supposidly kills them, or why they don't need to eat as much as other animals their body size, or why they are so long-lived. They are treated with a mix of awe, fascination, fear, and dismissal as "just animals".

Straygo's pretty easy-going and enjoys life's simple pleasures, like napping in a field in the sunshine, digging holes, hot tea, lapping the blood from a fresh-killed woodchuck..
Okay, he hasn't done that yet, but it is one of his life goals to sample every small mammal under 30 lbs. But that easy-goingness usually disappears the second some people come around and he has to open his mouth.
Maybe he's mistaken that people are trying to yank his chain, or the confusion of how to fit in, or y'know, he could just be a jerk.

Straygo was friends with Lillendra when she was a little girl up until she became a young woman and got engaged. She and Straygo had an arguement and they split ways. Now Straygo's back, and wants to reconcile, but somehow he hadn't expected 60-some years to have passed already, and for Lillendra to have grandchildren. Back to the Cast Page
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