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Cierro Longshot

Back when the ranch was more profitable, Cierro's dad used to work for the Benflowers and would take little Cierro along to play with Kefke. They are old friends and speak frankly to one another.

Cierro is a Birkanese, from a specie of people who used to have grand kingdoms built of stone high in the mountains, but during a great drought hundreds of years ago, migrated to the lowlands and for the first time interacted with the Ravens, Haori (humans to us), and Gam-dogs.
They are famous for their accomplishments in astronomy, great poetry, weaving and pottery, and philosophy that education is important even for the lower class. Most Birkans prefer their own breed of domesticated snakes for use as mousers, instead of cats. That idea never really caught on.

Cierro lives in the nearest village, Phosfus, with his mom, and works at the Benflowers' during the day. When Kefke is out with the sheep, he does alot of the heavy work that would be difficult for Sunny or Lillendra.

He loves to laugh, and uses his humor in tense situations. He has been known to take a joke too far, but never means any harm. He loves to learn about anything and everything, and collects and barters for what books he can, even though they can be quite expensive, and runs a tiny library out of his home. Favorite subjects include: history, theatre, poetry, nature and science, and etymology (study of the history of words.) Back to the Cast Page
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